Beginning Lessons

How you get started when you first start taking piano lessons will have a huge impact on everything from

  1. How quickly you learn what you want to learn
  2. How fast you’ll be able to play what you want to play
  3. How much you enjoy playing the piano overall

Traditional teachers tend to send new students down a rabbit hole, making them learn all kinds of things they may not need to know based on their goals. Depending on where you live, you used to be at the mercy of geography, because if there weren’t good piano teachers in your area you didn’t have any choices.

Thanks to the Internet, that’s all changed. 🙂 Whatever style of music you are interested in, and whatever your goals are as a beginning keyboardist, there is online training available that can help you.

For instance, check out this Beginning Piano Lesson video that is one of the most popular on Youtube, it cuts straight through to the quickest way to play chords (and scales) as quickly as possible.